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Evolution (進化 Shinka?)

List of Evolved Yo-Kai[edit | edit source]

Pre-Evolved Yo-Kai Lv Evolved Yo-Kai
Buyojinbo 18 Garaakinbo
Daraketo 20 Zanparato
Katazukerai 19 Arai Masho
Shishimaru 28 Manojishi
Onigirizamurai 31 Yakionigiri

Yo-Kai Watch Evolutions through Leveling[edit | edit source]

Cadin evolves into Cadable at Level 21

Komasan evolves into Komane at Level 35

Negatibuzz evolves into Moskevil at Level 17

D'wanna evolves into N'more at Level 15

Pandle evolves into Undy at Level 18

Hungramps evolves into Hungorge at Level 22

Cuttah-nah evolves into Cutta-nah-nah at Level 20

Droplette evolves into Drizzle at Level 25

Komasan evolves into Komane at Level 35

Komajiro evolves into Komiger at Level 35

Walkappa evolves into Appak at Level 32