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Logo of Level 5.

Level-5 Inc. (Japanese: 株式会社レベルファイブ Kabushiki-gaisha Reberu Faibu) is a independent video game developer and publisher which operates in Fukuoka, Japan founded since October 1998. The main key peoples of Level-5 are: Akihiro Hino which he is the President of the company as well as CEO and Yasuhiro Akasaka which he is the Lead Director of the company. Level-5 became one of the ten largest video game companies in Japan since 2010 where they hold a 2.9% market share.

History[edit | edit source]

Level-5 has been founded by Akihiro Hino since October 1998 after that he left Riverhillsoft. Akihiro Hino did not originally believed that his team could be an independent developer which he formed a connection with Sony Computer Entertainment, who would allow him to develop for their upcoming Playstation 2 under the condition that he set up his own company. Soon later he created the company "Level-5" which is based on the highest mark that you can get on the Japanese report cards.

Since 2007, they released Professor Layton and the Curious Village which became a commercial success which gave Level-5 major popularity in developing video games.

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