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Gurerurin (グレるりん Gurerurin?) / Roughraff is a Goketsu-class Yo-kai ranked E. According to the Yokai Encyclopedia, "A yokai who's sole-mission in life seems to be to stir up trouble. He can turn even the most well-behaved child to a life of debauchery."

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Bio[edit | edit source]

A Yo-kai whose only cause is rebellion, he inspirits good kids into bad delinquency.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Roughraff is a green-skinned, lizard-like yokai with a short tail, large orange claws on his feet, a fairly muscular build, a pointed, curved mouth, a long red tongue, and orange markings surrounding his eyes and within his inner-ears. His most notable trait is his long orange pompadour, giving him the appearance of a Japanese high school delinquent. He wears blue pants and white gauze around his waist.

Location[edit | edit source]

Uptown Springdale in Desolate Lane.

Infinite Inferno circles 1 and 2.

Item drops[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Matching his delinquent-like appearance, Roughraff behaves in a very similar manner; he has little respect for others and tries to solve problems in a rough manner. In the anime, he attempted to mug Komasan, referring to him as a "hillbilly". When summoned by Keita for the first time, he answered in a noticeably rude way of talking.

In spite of his negative qualities, he is able to develop respect for certain people, such as Lizard trash just because he is in love with her.Manjimutt after their fist brawl; Peckpocket, after a pick-pocketing contest, striking an odd friendship; and Bruff. His methods of rebellious behavior tend to be on the tame and petty side, these attributes transfer into those he possesses.

Roughraff has an odd phobia of hot waters, as seen when summoned by Keita to confront Sproink.

Relationship[edit | edit source]

Keita[edit | edit source]

Roughraff is Keita's usual choice when he needs a tough guy; when first summoned, Roughraff answered him in a rough tone of talking. After befriending Yokodori, he bluntly said Keita to not disturb him when causing mischief with the bird Yo-Kai.

Manjimutt[edit | edit source]

Roughraff quickly grew to respect Manjimutt after they'd battled, acknowledging his strength.

Peckpocket[edit | edit source]

Roughraff forged a singular friendship with Peckpocket after he and the bird Yo-Kai continuously robbed one another of their belongings. After Peckpocket befriended Keita, he and Roughraff left to hang out.

Bruff[edit | edit source]

Roughraff, alongside other yokai, fell to Bruff's 'Cool big bro'-like charms.

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Roughraff's most notable ability revolves around his possession; he can bring out the rudeness of the people he possesses, causing them to act as delinquents. The effects do not dispel until Roughraff is defeated.

Roughraff is also very fast, when striking a motorbike-driving-like pose and running in high speeds when chased.

Revenge- an attack that deals half the damage taken on by the opponent's attack right back onto the opponent. However, it will not activate if Roughraff's HP is knocked down to 0, if the opponent's attack is absorption-based, or during an opponent's death blow. The "Shark Skin" skill has the same effect as this.

History[edit | edit source]

Roughraff debuts in episode 3, when it is revealed that he was the cause of Kanchi's sudden turn of personality. When confronted by Keita and Whisper, he flees from the scene without dispelling Kanchi of his possession, causing Keita to chase him to defeat him to turn Kanchi back to normal. After finally catching him up, Keita summons Jibanyan to battle Roughraff, but quickly falls victim to his possession and becomes Baddinyan. Keita resorts to summon Manjimutt and after encouraging him to confront Roughraff, the two engage in a brawl. After a long battle, it ends in a draw, the two Yo-kai lay on the ground, bruised and laughing. Roughraff acknowledges Manjimutt's strength and shakes hands with him. Sometime after that, Roughraff gives Keita his Yo-kai Medal.

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Name Origin[edit | edit source]

In Other Languages[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese: グレるりん Gurerurin
  • Korean: 타라락 Tararak
  • Italian: Malandro

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