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USAピョン Usapyon YW9-042
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USApyon (USAピョン Usapyon?)

"I ain't no stink'n alien! I'm a Yo-Kai!"

- USApyon

Appearance[edit | edit source]

USApyon has light-blue fur and a pale light-blue muzzle. His eyes are usually dark blue, but when he is angry or scheming, his eyes become red with black pupils, He wears a yellow spacesuit that has elastic rabbit-like ears on the hood, and he carries a small orange ray gun modeled after a carrot. He also has a blue jet pack attached to his back and a flowy and wispy purple tail. USApyon has another mode known as Vader Mode (Japanese: ベイダーモード Beidā Mōdo) where a glass plate flips over his face, black smoke fills his helmet, and his eyes turn red. When suit-less, he has round ears with a wispy puff on the top of his head. He usually wears black shorts with USA imprinted on the front and dons a red towel with star signs.

When his rage is at its peak, he engages in Emperor Mode (Japanese: エンペラーモードEnperā Mōdo), where he gains pink armor and a teal-green cape. His Vader Mode-like eyes are also noticably thicker and gain a spike. USApyon's gun has also changed colors to reflect Emperor Mode.

USApyon used to be an otter that was later named "Chibi". His fur was dark blue, his eyes were pure black, and his tail was quite stubby.

Personality[edit | edit source]

USApyon is knowledgeable about space technology and yearns to go into space someday, tirelessly building a rocket by his own hands.

His game counterpart pretends to be tough and often brags, but hates being alone. As shown in Busters, he tends to hide behind objects when meeting people, hinting that he is a bit shy and introverted.

In the anime, he is smart and has a rather quick temper. It is fairly obvious that he was an experimental animal for NASU, but he outright denies it and claims that it was his home. He ends his sentences with "dani".

Before he was a Yo-kai, as Chibi, he was very timid and gets startled easily. One habit he acquired from his past life is sleeping in closed spaces, which calms him.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Inaho Misora[edit | edit source]

Inaho is USApyon's human partner who in yokai watch 2 was in a quest where her english name was Hailey Anne Thomas. Frankly, USApyon sees Inaho as a bit of a dummy. He gets annoyed by Inaho's antics often, sometimes causing him to go Vader Mode on her. However, he envies her for having a strong heart. she also has a costume for everything.

Professor Hyuri[edit | edit source]

Professor Hyuri was the first human to approach USApyon without judging him for being different in the rabbit pen. USApyon thinks that Prof. Hyuri is kind and smart and he loves him very much. Thanks to Prof. Hyuri, USApyon is very knowledgeable in space technology.

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

He goes to Vader Mode when he pushes the buttons on the side on his cheeks when he's mad. While in Vader Mode, USApyon typically shoots at his target of ire, typically Inaho.

Game Stats[edit | edit source]

Moveset[edit | edit source]

[Attack] 50-110

[Hail] ❄ 20-90

[Enrage] "Makes an enemy so cranky, they sometimes turn on their allies!"

[Bunny Beam] 120

History[edit | edit source]

In the June edition of Corocoro Comics, USApyon was featured in a special comic that shows the origins of USApyon. USApyon used to be a test otter for an experiment that had to do with rabbits. Because he was different from the other rabbits, he was bullied for it. The experiment was trying to send the first animal into space. One day, they tried to test USApyon with a rocket engine. He panicked and got electrocuted by the circuit board and the rocket exploded. He did not survive the explosion and became USApyon.

USApyon made his debut in Episode 77 where he tells Inaho to buy a space watch which later turned out to be a Yo-Kai Watch U Prototype. After USApyon appeared before Inaho, he asks her for her help but she was not interested. Afterwords, he asks for her help in finding a scientist named Professor Hyuri who he knew when he was alive. USApyon also told her his backstory when he was alive: For an unknown reason, USApyon wounded up in a rabbit pen. The children who came to the pen judged him for not being a rabbit, and he couldn't make any friends at all. One day, he was taken by Professor Hyuri, assured that he has a bright future ahead of him, and was brought to NASU as an experimental animal. He wanted to meet Professor Hyuri one more time and apologize. Inaho refuses, but he gave her the limited-edition Sailor Piers figurine. to persuade her. With some help from Hungramps and Tattletell, they found Professor Hyuri. in the hospital Sadly, he was in a state of depression because he blamed himself for an accident that USApyon caused, and therefore refused to return to NASU. Inaho convinced USApyon to build a rocket ship to cheer the professor up.

In episode 88, after USApyon and Inaho built the rocket ship and demonstrating the rocket launch to Professor Hyuri, Inaho suggested to start up a detective agency so they can help Yo-kai in need, so they established the InaUSA Detective Agency. As of episode 104, the InaUSA Detective Agency has officially shut down following the identity reveal and death of Phantom Thief Kopin.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Yo-Kai Watch Busters, he can change into 4 alternate costumes by unlocking them with special codes.
  • His Vader Mode and Emperor Mode are references to Star Wars.
  • Although USApyon isn't actually a rabbit, he has the rabbit's behavior characteristic of hating to be alone.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The USA in USApyon stands for the United States of America and the uso-pyon means psych or kidding in Japanese. The name is also a combination of (うさぎ usagi, "rabbit") and (ピョン pyon, "hop").

Gallery[edit | edit source]