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This page serves as a repository for walkthroughs concerning the Yo-Kai Watch series of games. They are sorted by game, and are loosely structured along story and plot lines.

Maps[edit | edit source]

The world of Yo-Kai Watch is incredibly large. To help with navigation, we've included some helpful maps which will also be used throughout our walkthrough series. Below, they are organized in geographic relation to one another.

World Map

--- Mt. Wildwood ---
Blossom Heights Uptown Springdale Breezy Hills
Shopper's Row Downtown Springdale ---

Yo-Kai Watch[edit | edit source]

1.the vanishing watch 2.hi-tech hide-and-seek 3.school is strange 4.lets go to Harrisville 5.wind it back 60 years 6.yo Kai watch model zero 7.the storm is here 8. The big battle 9.master nyada's trials 9.back to normal

Yo-Kai Watch 3[edit | edit source]

coming out in the US in I don't know

Yo-Kai Watch Busters[edit | edit source]

coming out in the US in I don't know

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