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Yo-kai Watch 3 is the third installment in the main Yo-Kai Watch video game series by Level-5. It is set to release in Japan in early 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS system. the main plot will center around the main player character moving from Japan to the US, to a town called Saint Peanutsburg. There will be a new batch of "western styled" Yo-Kai, the main protagonist of which is named USApyon. Yo-kai Watch 3 is a USA-inspired Yo-kai game. The Yo-kai Watch U1 is for the USA and the non-chosen character in Japan gets the U2. In the US the first partner is Jibanyan, in Japan is is USApyon. The first battle is against a corn Yo-kai whose name in Japanese it is named Pintocorn. There are 2 versions of Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi, and Tempura.

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