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Yo-kai Cam (YW1)

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The Yo-kai Cam is a mini-metagame for Yo-kai Watch that shows inspirited people in the real world, and rewards the player for these pictures. Rewards can be picked up at the Lambert Post Office after enough Yo-kai generating pictures have been produced.

Photo Rewards[edit | edit source]

Number of Photos Reward
1 Bronze Doll
3 Bitter Medicine
5 Medium Exporb
10 Top Techniques
15 Tough Bell
20 Hidden Hits
30 A Serious Life
40 Mighty Medicine
50 Illusion Ring
60 Large Exporb
70 Reflector
80 Mega Exporb
90 Die of Fate
100 Soul Secrets
110 Galaxy Charm
120 Turnabeads
130 Golden Doll
140 Fiend Charm
150 Ancient Scale
160 Fiend Badge
170 Reversword
180 Heavenly Sash
190 Fiend Ring
200 Holy Exporb
210 Vampiric Fangs
223 Fiend Band

Photo Challenges[edit | edit source]

Photo Rewards[edit | edit source]

Number of Photos Reward